Bayside City Council Opens Conservation Masterplan to Public Feedback

April 2024

We are pleased to share that Bayside City Council has opened the Community Consultation stage for the conservation area located on the south end of the Highett Common precinct.

The three hectares of land was transferred into Bayside City Council’s ownership in April 2023 and will now be protected and enhanced as a conservation area. The Southern Common conservation park is an important site for conserving and regenerating habitat for rare and threatened flora and fauna and contains indigenous species such as the Yellow Box eucalyptus trees that are considered rare in the Bayside region.

Residents will experience a heightened sense of wellbeing that comes from a lifestyle integrated within hectares of native bushland. This significant nature reserve will be a protected green oasis in the heart of a thriving urban precinct.

Bayside City Council have drafted their masterplan and high-level layout of what the site could potentially look like. We strongly encourage the local community and future Highett Common residents to review the proposed masterplan and provide your feedback to the council via the survey on their website linked below. Have your say before the consultation closes on 19 May 2024.

Highett Grassy Woodland masterplan | Have Your Say - Bayside City Council

We are excited to play a part in bringing this nature reserve to the Highett Common residents and locals to ensure the future protection of an endangered community of indigenous plant life to be enjoyed for generations to come.

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