Top Interior Design Trends of 2024 with Coco Republic

April 2024

A new wave of trends are set to dominate the property space in 2024, with fresh and innovative ways to design your homes.

At Highett Common, we have collaborated with leading furniture provider, Coco Republic to achieve the stylistic vision for our Graham Road display suite in Highett.

Providing their expert insight, Coco Republic has carefully selected furniture pieces and design elements that would showcase the features of the existing space.

We recently sat down with Coco Republic’s Senior Interior Designer, Rohan Smith, to discuss his top design predictions for 2024. Working within Coco Republic’s commercial division, Rohan collaborates with project designers and architects to curate a furniture selection that is both functional and complementary to a project’s overarching design.

Sustainable Design

“With a growing focus on environmental consciousness, sustainable interior design is expected to continue gaining traction,” Rohan explains.

“Sustainability, including the use of recycled materials, energy-efficient appliances and fixtures, and a general emphasis on eco-friendly practices is a trend I envisage will dominate in 2024.”

Eclectic Style

Rohan predicts that more homeowners will look to add a sense of individuality to their spaces, utilising eclectic design elements that combine different styles and eras from the design world.

“Mixing styles and periods allows individuals to express their personalities and create spaces that reflect their own tastes and life experiences,” says Rohan.

Earthy Tones

2024 will see the inclusion of warm, earthy tones such as terracotta, warm neutral palettes and muted tones to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere within the home.

“In a fast-paced world, homeowners are seeking spaces that provide a sense of warmth and convenience. Earthy tones contribute to creating inviting and calm environments. This is exemplified by Dulux paint’s 2024 colour of the year ‘Warm Embrace’, a soothing and subtle colour that creates a warm background,” Rohan says.

Smart Homes

In an increasingly technologically savvy world, we asked Rohan whether the increase in AI generation, capabilities and services is impacting purchaser choices.

“As technology advances, seamlessly integrating smart home features into interior design has become increasingly popular. This includes smart lighting, climate control, automated window treatments, and other connected home technologies,” explained Rohan.

To complement this approach, Highett Common Connect, our dedicated resident’s app, will provide residents with everything they need at their fingertips.

Designed as the digital heartbeat of the community, the app will offer an unrivalled level of convenience, connecting neighbours to each other and the local community while offering an easy way to reserve resident amenities and utilise in-home services.

Bringing Trends to Life at Highett Common

A central theme found within these predictions is the incorporation of natural, earthy materials including solid timber, leathers, linens, and natural stone, all emphasising the focus on a neutral, calming environment.

Creating harmony between the built forms and landscape has been prioritised at Highett Common, with a number of neutral tones and natural materials that Rohan predicts incorporated. Highett Common’s environmental goals will also see the site become Victoria’s first net zero medium-density community.

Thanks to our friends at Coco Republic, we are offering new purchasers a $12,000 furniture package to elevate their new homes. The package includes a private styling consultation with one of their experienced Interior Designers.

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